Practical Theology 0: Intro

You may or may not have noticed that the name of this blog has changed. Instead of the generic, boring title of “Associate Pastor’s Blog”, we now bring you “Theology Unleashed”.

I have always had a desire and passion to connect the theology that we hold to the practical daily life of the believer. Theology matters, and it matters to an incredibly high degree. However, it seems that few Christians take the time to study it in depth, and those that do seem to approach it as an intellectual exercise rather than a spiritual one. My desire with this blog is to pull from theological truth practical applications for every day Christian living. I am seeking to ‘unleash’ theology in life.

Having gone through four years of Bible College and three years of seminary, I have a lot of firsthand experience in studying theology as an intellectual exercise. It was difficult not to reduce it to that because, well, we were being graded on the stuff after all. It was only towards the end of my time in school that I began to really start seeing that these theological truths that I was constantly rehearsing served not only a guard against heresy, but was in fact the very foundation of the Christian life. I began to see that every practical charge of the Bible is built upon rich theological truths, and every piece of theological argumentation put forth by the biblical authors was done so with the forthcoming application in view. The two are inseparable. Biblical Christian living is built upon the bedrock of theological truths. Theology is designed to drive us to holiness. Without theology, there is no holiness.

Therefore, in light of this, I am launching a new series. I will be working through our church doctrinal statement. Before you roll your eyes at how boring that sounds, hear me out: I want this to be interesting, informative and engaging. Few things are worse than boring theology. All I desire to do is seek to briefly highlight why each point of the doctrinal statement is important theologically and discuss how it can be applied to every day life. The focus will be on brevity and clarity while demonstrating the practical outworking of each truth. By God’s grace, I hope that we will see theology unleashed in our lives.


Be Blessed; Be a Blessing.

Pastor Kenn