Four Essential Words - Conqueror

The fourth essential word given by God through Paul in Romans 8:37 is Conqueror. The ultimate result is conquest. The daily process begins with presenting our "members" which means our body in this passage to God daily to be a servant of the righteousness we possess in Christ Jesus.

The flesh, our sin nature, still present enters into intense conflict with this choice and direction. We encounter struggle and battle to continue presenting our body as an instrument of Christ's righteousness. This is the inevitable battle. Experiencing the battle is not sin, it comes with the territory of intentionally presenting our body to God, rather it is the yielding to the desires of the flesh / sinful nature to use our body to satisfy whatever expression the flesh is pressing upon us.

At the onset and throughout the daily battle we must continually remind ourselves that we are liberated from the power of the flesh / sin nature. In other words, we do not have to cave. We have complete deliverance through Jesus Christ. We must embrace this truth, this reality. It is not a feeling or emotion, but a fact and reality that we are indeed set free not only from sin's penalty but from it's operational power in our lives. The flesh no longer rules the roost and the fleshly desires always seek to assert themselves, often in very subtle ways.

Standing in our liberty in Christ we experience conquest one battle at a time. We are conquerors because of who we are in Christ, new creatures, and what we have in Christ, complete provision to live godly in this present generation. Thus Paul states toward the end of chapter eight, "Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." The means of our conquest is always through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let me draw the four words together. Daily we are to take action by practicing the truth expressed in the four essential words.

Daily present your body to God as an instrument of Christ righteousness which you possess.

Daily expect the conflict that will ensue due to the intense opposition and hatred of the flesh / sin nature for Christ righteousness.

Daily stand in the liberty which we fully possess in Christ Jesus. The liberty is liberation from the penalty and power of sin.

Daily be a humble conqueror one battle at a time. Humbly thank the Lord for the conquest knowing that it is only through Jesus Christ that conquest occurs.

Presentation - Conflict - Liberation - Conqueror

The Lord bless, strengthen and empower you as you engage the battle with His provisions.

Larry DuncanComment