Follow Me

The two most important words that can be uttered to man are "follow me." Of course they become the two most important words because they are uttered by Jesus Christ. Certainly others use these words but they do not carry the significance and life changing dynamic as when uttered by Jesus Christ. 

Follow me occurs nineteen times in the gospels. The call is used in connection to Andrew, Peter, Matthew, Philip, the twelve disciples, an undisclosed disciple, a larger group of disciples gathered around the twelve, all believers and finally to the rich young ruler. 

Jesus uttered this phrase to those who were first coming to faith in Christ but also to those who had already put their faith in Him as Messiah and Savior. Therefore, we are to understand Jesus call, "Follow Me", as both a call to initial faith in Christ and also a call to faithfully follow Him once we respond to His initial call.

The rich young ruler heard these words after asking Jesus Christ what he should do to inherit eternal life. After some dialogue with Jesus he was told to sell all he had, give it to the poor and them "come, follow Me." In order to follow Christ he had to leave who he was and what he had behind. The point, in order to follow Christ a person must leave whatever their current course of life happens to be in order to follow Him. Jesus becomes our course in life when we follow Him. Just as no man can serve two masters no man can travel two paths or roads at the same time. Jesus says, "Follow Me" and if I follow that means I must leave the path that I am currently on and travel His path. Are you following Jesus? If you are not sure or clear as to what following Christ means, join us at Jeffersontown Bible Church and begin to interact about that matter.


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