Impacting Our Culture For Christ

One of the trendy and rather common expressions in church and Christian circles is expressed in the title of this blog. This expression has not always been around. I have been part of the American church scene for 55 plus years and this expression is of fairly recent origin and use. It is a good statement in and of itself. What does it mean biblically to “impact our culture for Christ?” Glad you asked. This is what the Lord tells us in His Word.


Make disciples for Christ: Mt. 28:19

Baptize those who become disciples of Christ: Mt. 28:19

Teach the disciples all things that I (Jesus) have commanded: Mt. 28:19

Preach the gospel to every creature: Mk. 16:15

Preach repentance and remission of sins in Christ name to all nations: Lk. 24:47

Be My (Jesus) witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the whole earth: Acts 1:8


That's it, that is what we are to do to impact our culture for Christ. We are to be the utterly distinct, different and unique witnesses of Jesus Christ proclaiming His message to every culture of every generation.

Larry DuncanComment