Bible Church Ministry - Our Roots

       Dr. Larry B. Duncan

       Dr. Larry B. Duncan

In the previous blog entries I have talked about the two core emphasis of Bible Church Ministry. But, where did it come from. Well, obviously those of us who are part of the Bible Church Ministry movement believe we have our roots in the New Testament, in the very core emphasis of the early church. 

Having said that, we do have a history that takes us back to a defining period in the American church in the early 1900's. During the early decades of the 1900's theological institutions and churches were affected by modernists / liberal theological influences. This resulted in the formation of a variety of denominations, associations and fellowships to provide fellowship and shared ministry for theological institutions and churches that continued to embrace a more fundamental and conservative theological belief system.

In June of 1930 the Independent Fundamental Churches of America was birthed from a previously existing fellowship of undenominational churches. Later this fellowship altered its name to IFCA International. This fellowship of churches, individuals, mission organizations, schools and other para church organizations has always come together around a common, extensive and well defined doctrinal / theological statement of beliefs. 

From its very beginning the IFCA has had a commitment to be a fellowship committed to ministry focused on and built upon the scriptures. The IFCA has always been strong in Bible teaching for the purpose of proclaiming and preserving the faith. It is from these roots that the tree of Bible Church Ministry exists and functions. Bible Church ministry is what we do and who we are. The IFCA is the organizational structure through which this is mutually accomplished. 

In 1930 there was a tremendous need for the IFCA and Bible Church Ministry. In 2014 the need is just as great. The need is just as great, in part, because there has been significant drift in the evangelical churches away from solid bible preaching / teaching. The result is a growing evangelical population in America that is spiritually malnourished and thus spiritually weakened. Bible Church Ministry not only addresses this need among the current evangelical population in America, it also addresses the need to establish Bible Churches with the dual focus of gathering to proclaim God's Word and going to proclaim God's Word. Bible Church Ministry also addresses the need to clearly communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not yet know Him. 

If this is a heritage to which you would not only like to belong but help to propagate join us at JBC to partner with us in building Bible Church Ministry on all levels.  

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