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Bible Church Ministry

Bible Church ministry, what is it? The answer to the question depends on the one answering. Since I am writing this blog I, obviously, will answer. I believe Bible Church ministry is built on two priorities. The priorities are of equal importance and significance.

The two priorities are;

Gathering to Proclaim God’s Word

Going to Proclaim God’s Word

This blog entry will focus on the first of the two priorities. Jesus made it clear that one of the three essential commands that He gave to the apostles, and through them to the church, is to teach disciples “to observe (keep) all things that I have commanded you.” (Mt. 28:20) From the very inception of the church priority was placed upon building believers in the faith – the body of revealed truth contained now in the Old and New Testament. It is absolutely vital that the church remain focused and committed to building saints in the faith.

The expectation that the apostles gave to those whom they trained was to teach the whole counsel of God to the saints. Each and every truth revealed in the New Testament is part of the spiritual diet that is necessary for healthy saints. Therefore, every local church should be diligently teaching God’s Word. To do otherwise is wrong. Let me ask this question. What other organization is going to teach God’s Word? The answer is no other organization does or will teach God’s Word. This responsibility is unique to the church. It is the church, the Body of Christ that must focus on and accomplish this task.

Every believer who walks into an assembly of believers needs to be fed and nourished with God’s Word. Paul used the metaphor of food to describe the spiritual diet of believers. Believers need to weekly come to the feast of God’s Word and receive a well-balanced meal. Who are we, servants of Christ, to decide that certain points of teaching, doctrine or theology are to be avoided? Who are we to say that some truths of the New Testament are unclear and thus to be avoided – such as the many texts which speak of Christ’s return. Many churches do not go there and thus deprive their congregants of vital food.

I conclude by saying that every believer needs to know that when they assemble together with their fellow believers they are going to be built up in the faith through the expositional teaching and preaching of God’s Word. Bible Church ministry embraces this vital priority. 

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