Bible Church Ministry - Witnessing

The previous blog entry focused on the priority of gathering to proclaim God's Word  for the purpose of building the saints in the faith. The second of the priorities mentioned in the previous blog is the focus of my thoughts in this blog. We are to assemble as local churches to equip the saints for the work of ministry which involves equipping them in the faith.

We leave our assembled times of teaching to go to proclaim God's Word  to those who do not know Christ. Evangelism, or witnessing more accurately, is the command, call and responsibility of every believer. Evangelism / witnessing is to occur, most normally, outside of our assembled times of teaching and gathered worship.

An important part of the equipping ministry of each local church is equipping believers for witnessing. The purpose of an evangelist is to equip believers in this vital area of ministry. Having drawn attention to this priority the pattern is that of believers taking the truths of the gospel with him / her into the context of their daily lives. We are to have a mindset and a disposition of heart to communicate the truths of the gospel to those whom God brings across the path of our life. Rather than focus primarily upon evangelistic events God calls upon us to live a gospel lifestyle expressed in the great commandment - "as you are going make disciples." At JBC we emphasize the priority of taking the the gospel with us as we depart our assembly and communicating to those that God brings into our lives. Thus, we go to proclaim God's Word.

Larry DuncanComment