Israel - Microcosm of the Nations (Concluded)

The central thought in all three of the blogs dealing with this topic is simply that Israel is but a microcosm of God's dealings with the nations. God's purposes and plans have always been inclusive of the nations. The chief purpose of Israel's existence was to be a nation through whom God would re-introduce Himself to all nations. Israel rejected their Messiah and with that rejection lost the privileged place of being the nation through whom God would make Himself known.

God raised up the church and in this present time is making Himself known to the nations through the witness of His church. Ultimately, through the church, God will call out a people for Himself from every tribe, tongue and nation. However, the church, once God has accomplished His purposes through the church will be called into His presence.

Once the church is absent from the nations God will once again raise up the nation of Israel and make Himself known through this blessed people, the Jewish people. The foundation of this regathered and renewed purpose will be a Jewish population that is born again through faith in Jesus Christ. The Jewish people will enthusiastically and genuinely embrace Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Messiah He truly is. He is not only the Messiah for the nation of Israel, but for all nations. For, in Abraham shall all nations be blessed. Jesus Christ will rule and reign, from Jerusalem, through His chosen nation, over all the nations in the coming millennium.

Israel's experience, as it relates to the one true God, is but a microcosm of the experience of all the nations. Ultimately, God in His grace and mercy restores Israel and the nations to a right relationship with Himself through a new birth realized only in and through the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah. 

Larry DuncanComment