Four Essential Words - Liberation

The four essential words of Romans chapters six through eight are where Christians live. Knowing the four words, and more importantly, embracing the realities that are associated with the four words makes a profound difference in the believer’s life. We have already considered two of the four essential words. First, the believer needs to daily present his / her body to the Lord as an instrument/vessel/servant of the righteousness possessed by faith in Christ Jesus. The daily presentation of our bodies to Christ’s righteousness brings with a response from our flesh/sinful nature. The response is conflict. The conflict is intense and the believer must embrace the reality of the intense opposition. Afterall, prior to our justification the flesh ruled the roost and had no competition. The flesh battles to maintain its place and supremacy.

The third word is liberation. In Romans 8:2 Paul states, “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.” The believer is free, is liberated from sin and death. This means that we do not have to sin. Sin is not inevitable for the believer. Paul does not say that the believer will not sin but he most definitely says that the believer is free, is liberated from the power of sin. Wow, to know that we do not have to succumb to the flesh as it intensely opposes the righteousness we possess in Christ is an awesome, awesome reality. We are FREE / LIBERATED!!!! This is word is essential for the believer to know, embrace and practice. The conflict with the flesh is very, very real but the freedom from the flesh is greater. It does not matter what the particular sin may in reality be, every believer is freed from its power. This is an absolutely awesome truth. Therefore, let us stand in our liberation from sin even as the flesh attempts to reel us back into the practice of sin. Believer, stand and rejoice in your liberation from sin.

-Larry Duncan

JBC Senior Pastor

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