Gathering To Proclaim God's Word
Going To Proclaim God's Word

We Are A Bible Church Ministry Committed To The Clear Communication Of God's Word

Jeffersontown Bible Church (JBC) is affiliated with IFCA International, which is a fellowship of independent churches. IFCA affiliated churches are committed to biblical ministry based upon mutually shared doctrine and theology (See What We Teach).

JBC was started by Midwest Church Extension, a church planting ministry of IFCA Int., back in July of 2006. JBC continues to minister and grow.

JBC’s purpose is to serve and impact the people of the Louisville Metro area as a local church committed to the exposition of God’s Word. We believe Christians should be intentionally built up in the faith when we gather for worship and that Christians should intentionally proclaim the faith as we go about our daily lives. 

We exist to be a church planting church. This means that we are committed to establishing other Bible Church ministries in the Louisville metro area to more fully serve and impact the people of our region for Christ.